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Start an Ozone Business

Let All Ozone introduce you to the Dream Business of this decade.

One of the most interesting businesses is the ozone business.  Essentially, this business uses enriched oxygen to destroy odors, kill mold, sanitize surfaces, and neutralize pollution.  Over the last decade, thousands of people have started an ozone business in their community.

One of the more impressive features of this business is the high success ratio of these business start-ups.  The second impressive feature is the affordable entry costs.  There are few legitimate businesses that allow anyone to start for less than $25,000, and some ozone business franchises are asking $40,000.

All Ozone is offering an ozone business package that is the affordable answer to ozone business franchises costings $25,000 or more.  Yes, these businesses are worth $25,000, but why pay that much money for a business that can be purchased as a non-franchise for far less?

It is important to know that equipment is only 50% of the success equation.  Without the kind of training and guidance offered by an organization that lives this business 24 hours a day, the business can fail.  In fact, many of our members credit their success to the support we offer.

What are the income possibilities?  Well, one part time ozone business early an early-retirement couple an extra $10,000 a month.  A young man left his job to start one of our business territories in Joliet IL and is now enjoying $2500+ plus weeks.

Here’s the big kicker to this business.  There is no inventory, no franchise fees, and one person can do the complete job.  Essentially, most jobs are pure profit.  The one-time purchase means that there is no bite taken from the money you earn by your efforts.

Over the next few years, you will see this new environmentally-safe industry spring up in cities across America.  These businesses will address a much larger market than anyone understands thus far because the uses of ozone are truly diverse.  

Ozone is also the perfect add-on business for carpet cleaning firms, janitorial services, duct cleaning companies, and hoe inspection services.  Ozone works extraordinarily well in for many remediation-type services.  Add in ozonated water to the service, and even more business applications appear.

Ozone is enriched oxygen that reverts to normal O2 oxygen in about 20 minutes.  That is why it is one of the most environmentally-friendly businesses ever.  There are no chemicals introduced, no chemical residue left behind, and yet it is one of the best odor elimination and sanitizing agents in the world.
If you are thinking about starting an ozone business, be sure to go to the website and check the “Ozone Business” tab.  We do more than sell the best ozone machines in the country, we also help people develop the business of their dreams.