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EDM World Selects to Increase and Improve their Social Media Presence

EDM W0RLD a blog profile on and is made up by a team of anonymous Electronic Dance Music bloggers, enthusiasts, critics, producers, DJs, Record Labels, and Event/Festival promoters to provide content for others to enjoy and share current and relevant events, music, news and art that are associated to the Electronic Dance Music industry and community throughout the World. We believe in the #PLUR vision and way of life.  Peace Love Unity Respect

As a person that works in the electronic music industry with many friends, acquaintances, and business associates who strongly benefit from exposure and reach of online content, I was looking to start a blog simply to create more buzz about everything that I love about the music community. I did not want to create a website nor did I have the budget at the time to build and create one. I quickly learned that there was essentially no need for my own website, with a Findit profile along with the Right Now status update was a very useful way to create status posts that any and everyone can see and share to any social media website.

“For example, whenever an artist releases a new track on soundcloud that I want to feature. I download the track, and go straight to my Findit profile and create a right now status post that contains some info about the artist, maybe my opinions about the track and anything else I would like to say within the text portion of the post. Include a link to their website or where ever I can send the viewer of the post that would benefit the artist the most. Also, add as many pictures as I would like, upload the track with album art and tagging info included, then even a video from YouTube of the artist performing or an interview is usually great. Once I make the post live it displays really nicely and makes it easy and anyone to share it out right from the post that contains everything that I included in the one single post.

I have seen some amazing results as far as how much additional buzz a single Right Now post can create for the who or what the post is about. The amount of shares is significantly higher on the profile than any other social media site or platform that I have ever used before. I strongly recommend using this to anyone looking to extend their reach through social media. It’s so easy to use, try it for yourself and you will soon realize that this is something you wish would have existed a long time ago!” - Anonymous EDM W0RLD Admin.

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