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Sifu Curtis Letson Inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame at Annual Awards Banquet

Long Beach, CA – Sifu Curtis Letson, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu, was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame at the association’s annual Awards Banquet on August 1, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach. This year the banquet is being held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Long Beach Internationals, a premier karate championship founded by legendary American Kenpo Grandmaster Ed Parker. Sifu Letson, who is being honored for Outstanding Contributions to the Martial Arts, also holds the rank of Guru in Kuntao Silat, a Filipino martial art which evolved from Kung Fu.

 Sifu Curtis Letson

“Without the time and effort of continued practice and self-discovery no one can achieve mastery.” Sifu Curtis Letson

Sifu Letson began his martial arts training in karate while in elementary school, but after two years of training he turned to wrestling, competing through his junior high school and high school years. In 2001 Sifu Letson returned to the martial arts, beginning his training in Kung Fu under Elder Master Gary Grooms and later with fellow Masters Hall of Fame inductee Master Michael Reid. He continues to study with Master Reid in Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

As a system of martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu developed more than 1600 years ago in the temples of China and has since developed into a comprehensive martial art featuring both open hand and weapon-based combat techniques. Training in Kung Fu is designed to help individuals to respond effectively and adapt and perform in a variety of situations. Kung Fu spread widely throughout Southeast Asia and the Philippines where it evolved into Kuntao Silat.

In 2010 Sifu Letson began his training in Kuntao Silat under Pendakar Guru Bahati Mershant. Guru Bahati was a senior student of Willem de Thouars, affectionately known as “Uncle Bill,” who is credited with bringing Kuntao Silat to the United States.  Sifu Letson credits Kuntao Silat with improving his understanding of form and function in body mechanics and increasing his explosiveness in action.

“Without the time and effort of continued practice and self-discovery no one can achieve mastery,” explains Sifu Letson. “I am still traveling that path and am humbled and thankful for everyone who has walked it with me through the years.”

Sifu Letson currently heads Dragon Hand Martial Arts in Littleton, Colo., which specializes in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Kuntao Silat, as well as Kali and other martial arts. The school is proud to bring in martial arts masters from around the world to enhance the training provided, including Guru Bahati Mershant and Master Michael Reid. For more information about Dragon Hand Martial Arts, visit http://www.dragonhand.com.

The Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. The association recognizes exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. For more information on the Masters Hall of Fame, visit the website at http://www.mastershalloffame.org. For media information contact Kamatoy Media Group at 1-844-Kamatoy or press@jugglemail.com.