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Author Linda Maria Frank’s Book The Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys Has Made it to the Finals

The book cover for Linda Maria Frank’s "Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys" is a finalist in a Book Cover Contest and it would mean a lot for her if you could vote on her cover. The book is one in a series of her Annie Tillery Mysteries and the mystery really shows through in the cover art. Artists and literature lovers will appreciate the symbolism and the story told in simplicity. Follow this link to vote on the book cover

The cover art is absolutely beautiful and fits well with the mystery of the story. The broken skull and jar, along with the ruins you see through the window clearly show you what you are about to get yourself into. The art style is also beautiful and fits well with the teen mysteries genre as you can see that it is serious but still somewhat lighthearted. 

The cover is consistent with the rest of the series and the combination draws the reader into the mystery of traveling to an exotic place. 
Please go on the link, find the cover for Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys, click on it, make some review comments (sentences), and share to any of the share options at the bottom of the page. The cover will win by the number and quality of the comments made when clicking on the cover, and the number of shares.
About the Author: Linda Maria Frank was a science teacher at Seaford’s Middle School and High School teaching biology, chemistry and forensic science. She left the school to teach forensic science and biotechnology at Hofstra University and recently retired from Adelphi University where she supervised science student teachers. It was her love of science, especially forensic science, that first gave her the idea and storyline behind the Annie Tillery Mysteries. 

About the Illustrator: Marianne Savage is an up and coming self-taught artist and muralist from the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Although she has a penchant for pencil sketching, she loves the challenge of new mediums and ideas. She describes her styles as a combination of Norman Rockwell and Van Gogh, which shows through in her cover art. She has published for local authors and has also done various graphic design projects.