Chicago 8/21/2014 8:11:06 AM
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Making Money with Ozone

Ozone offers a great way to increase revenue or start a new business.

At first blush, the idea of odor removal with ozone seems a great business idea.  Everyone should appreciate a non-chemical process that will eradicate odors of all types.  Ozone will clear out smoke-tainted cars, pet odor from homes, sour smells from gyms, and cooking odors from apartments.  But, there is a great deal more.

Nearly any service provider can add an ozone component to enhance profits.  Ozone can be added to a janitorial business, a duct cleaning service, car detailing, carpet cleaning, or mold remediation.  However, the options can include handyman services, home inspection, even power washing services.

The National Ozone Association is advancing the many ozone business applications with an amazing array of great revenue-producing ideas.  The National Ozone Association has helped more than 200 ozone businesses get started in the U.S. and Canada.

While many know that ozone is one of the best odor removers and sanitizer in the world; but when ozone is added to water, there are dozens of other applications.  If you are operating a business, imagine a business with no inventory to buy or stock with great profit margins.

Each year, the National Ozone Association hosts the National Ozone Business Conference highlighting all aspects of the ozone business.  Attendees will meet active and success ozone business operators who will share their best ideas.  Presentations will show clear-cut ways to use ozone to produce streams of income to a new or existing business.

Making money with ozone is not difficult.  In a few years, ozone-type businesses will growing into multi-team services that have accounts being serviced monthly, quarterly, or as the need requires.  

Why stick with an idea that isn't working any more?  Anyone with business experience can reintroduce themselves with a new set of exciting services.  So, instead of watching your existing business struggle against the competition, you can take things to a whole new level that has no competition.

If your business needs a boost from an idea that will grow into a major industry over the years, consider contacting the National Ozone Association or attend their upcoming ozone business conference.