Chicago 8/21/2014 8:19:03 AM
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Before You Buy an Ozone Generator

The ozone business is a great idea, but do it right the first time.

Once you discover the real life applications of ozone and ozone generators, it is logical to assume that everyone will share you enthusiasm for this near-miraculous treatment.  However, even the best of ideas take time to grow into a robust business.  Starting a business is a big step, and a little professional guidance could make all the difference.

The National Ozone Association (NOAI) works on behalf of those using ozone as a part of their service to smooth the path to success.  The classic mistake by those jumping into the ozone business is the purchase of ozone generators before they understand the business.

Knowledge and training should precede the buying of equipment.  Regardless of hype by Internet hucksters, the right choice of ozone generators and equipment requires some study.  Should you get corona or UV generators?  What size machine is the right size for your business?  Are you paying too much or buying the wrong type of machine?

There are many ozone business operators with discarded and broken or under-rated ozone generators in their garage.  These machines represent the waste of important dollars needed to drive the business forward.  Conversely, buying the right machine will enable you to get off on the right foot.

The National Ozone Association offers Certified Ozone Technician training and a membership that includes the support you will need to start a successful ozone business.  It takes more than a few ozone generators to develop a successful ozone business.  That is why NOAI provide the kind of support that every new and existing ozone business needs.

NOAI has helped hundreds of ozone businesses start and grow.  NOAI offers training, mentoring, continuing education, and a national conference for ozone businesses.  This goes well beyond the purchase of ozone generators and a spurious education by visiting odd websites.

If your dream is to start an ozone business, get started the right way.  The National Ozone Association works constantly to provide guidance and marketing for members.  Success is not an accident.  Training and support greatly improves the chances your ozone business will be all you hoped it would be.

For those wanting to hear from those who have found their success in ozone, plan to attend the National Ozone Business Conference sponsored each year by the National Ozone Association.