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Got Mold Inspection Service

Mold Inspection in Plainfield IL

"Got Mold" is the popular phrase for mold inspection that started in the Chicago area,  Using the unique xyz extension, has emerged as the goto website for people seeking a professional mold inspector.  

Before work begins to remove mold, a mold inspection is the proper first step.  Not all basements, attic, or discolored areas are mold; so the first duty is to confirm that mold is present.  Once mold is confirmed, the next chore is to determine the extent of the mold infestation and the source of the water intrusion.  Without a full understanding of the mold problem, the work becomes a open-ended project.

One of the greatest values of a mold inspection is the control of costs.  It is unwise to hire a mold remediation firm without a full understanding of the problem.  Otherwise, costs could escalate far beyond expectations or the estimates exceeded.

Certified mold inspectors work for the customer much like a real estate agent works on behalf of the buyer.  Mold companies are aggressive about marketing and not shy about high charges.  Therefore, the best mold inspector is not a quasi-sales agent for a mold company, but a true independent that makes sure that the mold problem is properly diagnosed and the extent of remediation is understood.

Therefore, the fee charged by the mold inspector insures the integrity of the the project and allows the building owner to negotiate a fair price for the work.

Like most construction firms, mold remediation may go way beyond expectations.  Prices can skyrocket because the firm finds more and more mold infested areas and expands the work and the bill.

Delay is a huge mistake.  Mold never goes away on its own, and it is likely to get worse if untreated.  

The other mistake is in thinking bleach water or mold products will treat mold.  Bleach does not penetrate the surface meaning it will not kill the roots of mold. Even more important is discovering the source of mold. In most cases, mold affected items need to be removed and any wood studs properly cleaned.  Therefore, mold remediation requires some tear out; so the earlier the problem is caught, the less it will cost.

However, there are some processes that can treat mold that is not hidden.  Ozone shock is quite effect in killing mold and neutralizing mold spores; and it is quite affordable to use.

Got Mold is a growing number of professional mold inspectors who believe their role is to help their clients resolve mold issues in an affordable manner. may seem like an odd extension, but this fit the unconventional approach to mold inspection that the public requires.