Winter Park 9/11/2014 10:44:04 PM
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UNDA Releases Lost In Translation/ Can I Paint You

UNDA is at it again with his new implausible singles Can I Paint You & Lost In Translation. The singles consist of innovative production, hard-hitting snares and a raw bass melody, which has made the singles potential future factors in the competitive hip hop industry. The brilliant artist, UNDA, has used his remarkable production abilities and intellectual lyrical knacks to create an artistic, yet raw masterpiece of music. 

Originally from New Jersey, UNDA moved to Bangkok Thailand at the age of 11. At such a young age, UNDA began listening to artists such as producing legend J-Dilla and Hip-Hop icon Nas. He then started producing and rapping, making his first original record at the age of 15. Ever since, UNDA has been producing records and rapping endlessly, releasing his 2 albums “Soon Is So Far Away” and “Forever Never Comes”. 

The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) graduate has used his knowledge from the books and his experience to create an untouchable style that the world will one day love. 

His new singles Can I Paint You & Lost In Translation, which are not from his upcoming album Velvet Revolver, shows what UNDA has worked so hard towards to become. His highly anticipated album, Velvet Revolver, is due to release during the fall. Its two released singles are simply appetizers to the main course, Velvet Revolver. UNDA contains what few Hip-Hop industry powerhouses such as Jay Z and Lil Wayne have. UNDA not only has the ability to rap and sing, but also to produce and engineer. With these remarkable assets, UNDA will for sure be the next immense talent in the Hip-Hop Industry. Even though his name is UNDA, he is sure that he will be above his competition soon. Listen to Can I Paint You now!