Winter Park 9/18/2014 1:36:40 AM
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Sonick Plague Reunites And Teams With Grammy-Winning Recording Studio Legends At Carriage House Studios On New Project

Connecticut's Sonick Plague, known for their 1987 release "What's the Purpose" and subsequent national tour have dusted off the gear and are heading back into the studios after a 26 year hiatus! Original members Ken Cuccaro and Sean Donnelly, together with Chuck Crilly (replaced original guitarist Tim Meehan in 1987) and newcomer Matt Dupre (who replaces Tony Teodoro who lost his battle with cancer in Sep of 2012) have been grinding away and polishing off that vintage metal/thrash sound with modest aspirations.

"We are a shoo in for a Grammy" smirked Cuccaro as he sipped some moonshine out of a canning jar from his native West Virginia after rehearsal. "Basically, since Ian [Callanan] got one before - that makes us a lock."

Ian Callanan is indeed a Grammy Award winning engineer at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT. The studio itself has a long and storied history with an impressive client list inclusive of (but certainly not limited to); Ronnie James Dio, Pantera, Gary Moore, Meatloaf, Government Mule, Johnny Winter, Fates Warning, Deftones, Derek Trucks and many more.

Regardless of the impressive history, the newly reformed Plague boys are just fired up to get back at it and record in a studio that is known for both the Analog and Digital capabilities. "As a studio we have a Focus on the analog/digital blend, our gear reflects an obsession for that classic sound", remarks John Monatagnese on Carriage House Studios website. 

These reformed Plague boys are themselves obsessed with their own ‘classic' sound. Their success in the late 80's was marked by regionally sold out shows, a strong East Coast presence and a successful national tour. Who knows what lies ahead for them now? According to Sean Donnelly, original member (bass and vocals) "This {reunion} originally started out as a project for Tony, and it just seemed to just make sense. There is still a lot of good chemistry here."

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