New York 10/15/2014 9:07:37 PM
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New Music Video For “Boomaye” From Nigerian Sensation NazB

A rambunctious mixture of high energy and thumping sounds, Nigerian artist NazB brings new heat to the dance floor with his cultural inspired song “Boomaye” and a fast paced music video to match. NazB, known to incorporate hip-hop with his own brand of flavor, has inspired a movement with his “Boomaye” track that has a featured dance within the music video.

The video is set at an urban locale, were talented dancers and musicians meet to bring a new flame to NazB’s hot track. There, a beautiful young woman begins to serenade the viewers with her sultry voice as the dancers begin to populate around a graffiti laden scenario where they begin to bust their moves and show their skills. NazB later enters the video with his signature bravado and swagger. As he begins to rap over the energetic beat, the video transitions to different dancers showing their moves, including an awkward, yet confident dancer, proving that with music everyone can be united.

The video quality is excellent and looks industry ready; it’s no wonder the video has garnered so much attention. One notable characteristic the music video has is its warm, yet vibrant color filters that really add an element of passionate dancing and almost feels like you are in the video celebrating and having a good time with the protagonists. Another intriguing feature of the music video are the different lighting techniques used to shoot “Boomaye”. From glaring light bursts to shadowy mood lighting, the way the camera captured the music video adds an urban yet elegant feel to the track.

Overall, NazB’s dance hit “Boomaye” combines his high-octane flow with his native African culture to create a new wave of Afro-dance to the public. A music video like this isn’t easily ignored, as it both captures the eyes as well as the ears and is contagious to dance. “Boomaye” has the right combination to succeed and usher in a new era of African influenced Hip-Hop and Dance music alike for the masses.