Winter Park 10/20/2014 9:29:13 PM
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Young Gifted Releases New Single Called Murda 1

Young Gifted

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Download the new single “Murda 1” on itunes or Reverbnation ( dropping October 14th .

Young Gifted represent the golden age of hip hop. When hip hop was created, it was all about the culture and its movement. Now it’s about the all mighty dollar. Over the years, music has changed dramatically. We feel that artist moved away from developing their talent and lyrical skills. That's why we stayed true to the culture. We are gifted not only in music but in our ways and actions. Some may not understand our view point, but we do this for the culture. The new single Murda 1 is the beginning of the end. It's our way of kicking in the door and off the hinges. Support Young Gifted by downloading the new single Murda 1 on itunes and on our webpages: