Winter Park 10/31/2014 3:51:41 AM
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Part Time Music - Kryptic

It's 2014 and the Australia Hip Hop landscape is a brave new world.

Enter Kryptic. 

The young Melbourne MC has been active on the scene for several years now, having carved a name for himself opening for Aussie Hip Hop heavyweights like Seth Sentry, The Funkoars, Chance Waters and Mind Over Matter, just to name a few. Whetting appetites with three mixtapes, Kryptic has paid his dues; he's sharpened his sword and is now ready to release his debut full-length studio album 'The Soundtrack' later this year.

'The Soundtrack' takes the listener on a complex journey through fun, soulful jams to reflective narratives and even hard-hitting anthems, all on the one disc. The lead single 'Part Time Music' delves into Kryptic's struggles to uphold a balanced lifestyle, faced with the demands of university studies, part-time work and the chase for an independent music career all at once; a struggle many musicians can relate to. 'Part Time Music' also explores the contrast between the beautiful escapism of performing live and the harsh reality of necessary soul-crushing labour, taught with an honesty rarely seen in the Hip Hop industry nowadays. The laid back, soul-moving instrumental comes courtesy of Perth producer Creed Birch, who provides the perfect platform for Kryptic to express his working class apprehensions.

As Australian Hip Hop continues its path towards ever-growing authenticity and sincerity, Kryptic is certainly one to hold a candle, if not its brightest.

Keep a look out for Kryptic!