Houston 11/5/2014 2:06:35 PM
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Get More Out of your Workout with Twist 25 DHEA Cream

Twist 25 DHEA cream can be used to help build lean muscle and lose belly fat. Low levels of the naturally occurring pro-hormone, DHEA, are associated with many age related conditions By maintaining youthful levels of DHEA with a bioidentical supplement cream applied daily on the skin where the body makes and processes DHEA, with a bioidentical supplement cream applied daily on the skin where the body makes and processes DHEA, can have many beneficial health effects over time. 

Two of the benefits most reported by men using Twist 25 DHEA cream is a feel leaner and fitter are less abdominal fat, leaner and more shapely muscle tone and faster recovery during workouts. The most important component in anything your body does is hormones. Proper maintenance of your hormones is crucial. 

When men get older they start to lose their muscular physique it gets harder and harder to get it back and easier to gain more abdominal fat. Many men start to realize they are losing their interest in sex and that they can not sleep deeply at night anymore. Many men report tossing and turning and intermittent sleep rather than deep REM sleep that we need. This has everything to do with hormones gradually declining as we get older. 

Since DHEA is so important, it is the most abundant base building block in the body, lower levels of DHEA is detrimental to the way our bodies function. Without DHEA some 50 smaller specific hormones like testosterone, estrogen, estrone, estradiol and others begin to have problems. While some people will just accept this as part of getting older, studies have shown that we can maintain our youthful vigor and vitality and thereby remain healthier and happier the older we get. 

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