Houston 11/12/2014 4:56:17 PM
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Twist 25 DHEA Cream: Maintain Health as You Age with LIttle Things

Maintaining health is not a combination of big fixes when you are sick but little routines overtime that help keep you at your best like regular maintenance on a car. Medical research studies continue to confirm that maintaining health is far better than fixing health problems once they occur. Studies show sleeping well, eating well, daily exercise, drinking clean water and getting exposure to sunlight every day along with maintaining nutrients and hormone levels allows better health. 

As we age, maintaining this level of health can require more help, this is where Twist 25 DHEA cream comes in. DHEA is the most abundant base pro-hormone in the body and after the age of 25, this pro-hormone its production rate starts to decrease by about 2% a year. This leads to a gradual decline in approximately 50 other smaller, more specific carbon chain hormones that the body makes with DHEA. 

This leads to some very common symptoms of aging that we begin to notice around the age of 35 including less energy during the day, terrible sleeping patterns, tossing and turning at night and less focus and sense of well-being. By 50, males and females alike produce only half the hormones they did at 25. Since hormones are what drives how we feel and function, the results are important in many ways including women going through menopause. 

Long term medical research clearly shows that deep sleep and regular exercise and good diet are crucial determinants of long-term health, happiness and well-being, but maintaining healthy levels of essential nutrients and hormone levels is likewise important to maintain good health. By maintaining DHEA levels people get deeper REM sleep at night and awaken fully refreshed and ready to start their day. A couple pumps of Twist 25 DHEA cream every morning and evening allow your body to maintain youthful hormone levels and as a result sleep better, wake up more refreshed and energized and happy. 

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