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Tim Duncan and the Spurs Look to Continue Greatness in 2014

San Antonio search for their 6th Franchise Title

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Nearly twenty years of dominance has been the story behind Tim Duncan’s career. In 1997, when Duncan came into the league out of Wake Forest, he was labeled as the big man that would replace “The Admiral” David Robinson. The expectations have been exceeded in more ways than one. He has contributed to five NBA Titles for San Antonio in his 17 year career.

A supporting cast around Duncan has helped keep the Spurs as one of the top teams in the NBA. Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker have been an intricate part of the Spurs dominance. In 2014, the Spurs will be looking to build on that dominance and go for back-to-back titles. Little doubt surrounds the possibility of the Spurs making the playoffs and possibly reaching the Finals. After the success that they have had, there is no reason to believe anything else. Greg Popovich is the longest tenured head coach in the NBA for a reason. In his first season as a head coach with San Antonio in 1996 he coached the Spurs to a record of 17-47. That season marks the only time he did not achieve a winning record. It was also the last time the Spurs did not make the playoffs. In 18 years of coaching the Spurs, he has 17 playoff appearances and 5 titles.

Odds are in the favor of the Spurs as they start a new chapter of the legacy that has been constructed. The age and health of their roster may be the only thing that could derail their championship defense. However, Popovich is one of the greats for a reason. He understands the main task at hand in an 82 game season. His philosophy keeps players healthy by sitting certain players on an alternating schedule. Ensuring that his players are ready to go when the playoffs arrive can be attributed to his success.

The role players that surround Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker always get there moments to shine throughout the season when the three stars are resting. Players like Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Boris Diaw, and Marco Belinelli fill in admirably when their names get called. The 2014 season will be no different, as the consistence of philosophy around the organization remains the same. So far in the 2014 season, the Spurs are 4-3. Considering they have the same players and coach, there is no reason to doubt that come the end of the season the Spurs will be at the top of the standings.

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