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Miami Heat Look to the Dynamic Duo After the Departure of LeBron James

Can the Heat bounce back without James?

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The era of the super squad known as “The Big 3” officially came to an end when LeBron James decided to take his talents away from South Beach. Leaving the luxurious life and winning championships was not enough to keep King James in Miami. In the four year stretch of having Bosh, Wade, and James on the Heat, they were able to win two titles with three appearances in the NBA Finals.

Now that James is no longer on the team, Bosh and Wade are the faces of the franchise. Bosh tested the market to see what other options he had in terms of where he wanted to play ball for the foreseeable future. Receiving a max contract offer from the Houston Rockets, many analysts and experts predicted that he would flee Miami as well. That turned out not to be the case as Bosh re-signed with the Heat. When James was playing in Miami, cap space was extremely limited due to the three major contracts they had on their books. The money that was freed up by LeBron’s departure allowed the Heat to add depth and role players that will keep the Heat in contention for the Eastern Conference.

Rebuilding the Heat started in the draft when they ended up with Shabazz Napier out of Connecticut. Napier was apparently a player perceived to sway LeBron in to staying. After the draft, Miami was able to add Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts, and Danny Granger in order to bolster up the roster. Anytime you lose the best player on a roster there will be a downgrade in the overall talent on the team. However, Miami did an admirable job of trying to put together a team that can still achieve success in 2014. The Heat started the 2014 season off with a 5-3 record. How the rest of the season pans out will prove how successful their offseason was. When Pat Riley is the man in charge, the expectations are always high.

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