Atlanta 11/13/2014 6:45:44 PM
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Lawyers Can Be Found In the Top Two Search Results on Findit by Purchasing Keyword

Reserve Great URL Extensions for Your Law Practice on Findit offers Keywords for sale for $199 per year that will get your Firm or Individual Practice found in the top two search results on FindIt and an unlimited amount of clicks for that year. Lawyers are able to purchase certain Keywords, which pertain to their firm or services that will lead to more online traffic that can generate future business.

Results from search engines typically cannot promise the results that can offer. When searches are conducted on major sites such as Yahoo! or Google there is a strong possibility you as a Lawyer will not be seen at the top. Using FindIt by purchasing Keywords, will put you in the top two search results and offers the opportunity for better indexed results on major sites for future searches for your Firm or Practice. Keywords will give potential clients an easy outlet to find their new or current Lawyer by not having to dig through irrelevant searches in order to find what they need.

A Lawyer that is located in Atlanta, Georgia can purchase Keyword(s) that are related to the type of service that they offer. For example, a Lawyer has the ability to purchase Keywords such as: Attorney, Atlanta Law, Law Firm, or a special type of practice that coincides with the Lawyer like a Divorce Lawyer. Once the Keyword(s) are purchased an outlet from business to client is created.

Purchasing a Keyword on FindIt will provide a URL extension that is paired with the Keyword. For example if “Divorce Attorney” is purchased, the URL extension will then read This creates an easy and simple way for a Lawyer to tell a possible client how they can be found on the Internet.

There are a multitude of avenues that can help build notoriety for a business on the web. However, offers a way to increase your online recognition through multiple outlets all at once. When your purchased Keyword is searched for, the results that are derived will show the content that you choose to post on your FindIt member page. The content can include photos, videos, press releases, and audio files. This content is available for anyone to see whether or not they’re a member on FindIt.

The benefits of using FindIt are endless. is a Campaign Management Platform that can increase your following online and through social media outlets. On there is a feature called the “ShareThis” tool, which can push your “Right Now” status updates across over 80 social media websites that include Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Stumble Upon, and Twitter where FindIt has a network of 100,000 followers. In the long run, Keywords offer benefits to Lawyers that other web sites can’t provide.