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Brad Stevens Tries to Build New Era with Celtics

Rondo and Stevens Lead the Way for the Boston Celtics

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The last time that the Boston Celtics had a championship was nearly seven years ago when they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008. A lot has changed for the team that has multiple banners hanging from the top of the TD Garden in Boston. The team that brought home the title contained player by the names of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. That team also had one of the best coaches in the game, Doc Rivers.

Since the title, Doc has moved to the Clippers, Kevin Garnett is in Brooklyn, Ray Allen is in Cleveland, and Paul Pierce is in Washington. Four intricate pieces left Boston’s General Manager Danny Ainge in a spot were he had to find a new coach and new stars to run the floor in green and white. Last season marked the beginning of a new era in Boston when the youngest head coach in the history of the game was hired. 

Brad Stevens was brought in to make the transition from the college game to the professional level. His background was built turning a mid-major college in the Butler Bulldogs into a national basketball contender. He led Butler to back-to-back Final Four Appearances. Stepping up to the higher ranks proved to be a high mountain in his first season with Boston. His initial season ended with a record of 25-57. In his defense, the roster did not have the magical pieces it needed for another Cinderella run.

As the page turns to a fresh season in 2014, Stevens now knows what it takes to coach in the NBA. The Celtics as a whole are one of the much younger teams in the Association. Boston has done well drafting players that had significant success at the college ranks. Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, Evan Turner, and Tyler Zeller will play vital roles in this year’s season. Those players will also have the veteran leadership in Rajon Rondo and Gerald Wallace. So far this season Boston has come out of the gate slower than they would probably like as they have a 3-5 record eight games in to the season. It’s early and Boston will have a shot at the Eastern Conference playoffs if they can start to gain some momentum.

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