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Successful Copywriting: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents the Final Installment in a Series of Webinars on Connecting with Customers Through Effective Copy

If a company is struggling to produce results, it may want to take a look at improving what has the potential to be its most valuable selling point: the copy. Here, Shweiki Media teams up with author and seasoned copywriter, Debra Jason of The Write Direction, to present the final installment in a series of webinars on successful copywriting: getting prospects to respond.

Step 5: Get Prospects to Respond

Jason states that after identifying the problem, pushing prospects’ buttons, creating an “AHA!” Moment, and offering a solution to prospects’ problems, a company must remember that in order to get any results, they must require a call-to-action of the consumer. Should they complete and turn in a registration form? Dial a toll-free number? Click the “Buy now!” button? Tips on how to call people to action can be foundhere.

At the end of the day, a company must remember that authenticity is the key. People want compassion and concern for the trials they face every day; it's important for a company to demonstrate that. In his book Hypnotic Writing, Joe Vitale expresses the idea that people want to buy from people they like. People want what you have to offer them. They want to transform their live,s and you can be there to help.

Moving Forward

It's important to review the copy. Is it pushing buttons? Does it help consumers “see the light of day”? These are important things to determine, discover, and use moving forward to maximize the potential of copy and truly see results.

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