Atlanta 11/20/2014 6:42:25 PM
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ESPN U Campus Connection Reporter May Lose Job After Insensitive Tweet In Regards To Florida State Shooting

An aspiring reporter that was working with the ESPN U program titled Campus Connection was relieved of her duties after an insensitive tweet. On Wednesday evening, a shooting occurred on the campus of Florida State University. The gunman that acted alone wounded three students on the Tallahassee campus. One of the students that were shot is believed to be in critical condition.

Tallahassee police following the shooting killed the gunman resulting in the only death of the occurrence. One reporter by the name of Marisa Martin took to Twitter to keep people updated on what was going on at the FSU Campus. Martin is a student at the University of Alabama and has been working with the ESPN U affiliate Campus Connection as on site reporter.

The Alabama student went online when news broke about the shooting with an insensitive tweet that resulted in her bright future as a sports journalist more than likely coming to an end. At 9:55, Martin tweeted “Reported gunman on campus at FSU. Maybe he is heading for Jameis”. Jameis of course is the Seminoles starting quarterback, former Heisman Trophy winner, and the center of controversy.

Florida State has had it’s fair share of issues this season when it comes to player conduct. However, for this reporter to take a situation as serious as a campus shooting and try to joke about it, is pushing the boundaries. There is no official word as of yet in regards to Martin’s status with ESPN U. However, possessing the name that ESPN does, it is safe to assume that this kind of ignorant behavior will not be tolerated.