Atlanta 12/1/2014 5:43:48 PM
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Ray Rice Wins Appeal of Indefinite Suspension, Adrian Peterson Will Soon Learn Fate

The NFL has an enormous following that consists of fans that take great pride in the teams that represent their city. Recently for the NFL, the “Code of Conduct” for the players has become questioned more and more each day. Why are these players that make so much money playing a game they love, make horrible decisions? Before the start of the 2014 season, Ray Rice was involved in a domestic case with his then fiancé Janay Palmer.

The weekend before Valentine’s Day in Atlantic City Rice and Palmer were out with a group of friends enjoying their weekend. One night the two went up to their room prior to reuniting with their group. The two could be seen approaching the elevator where they were visibly unhappy with each other. Palmer did hit Rice with an open hand before they got on the elevator. Once they were on the elevator the spat continued. Eventually Ray Rice ended up striking Palmer in her face with his left fist and left her unconscious. The video footage of the hotel shows Rice then attempting to drag his fiancé out of the elevator.

Initially Rice was suspended for the first two games of the season. After Week 1 of the NFL season, TMZ Sports released footage that showed the incident that transpired behind the elevator doors. The footage was so violent and disgusting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell suspended the Baltimore running back indefinitely. On top of the suspension, the Baltimore Ravens also released the running back from his contract. On Friday November 28th, the appeal of the suspension took place and was overturned making Rice eligible to sign with any team that is willing to take a chance on him.

Many people questioned how Goddell would be able to get away with punishing Rice twice for the same incident. Despite the inhumane events that got Rice in this position, he never lied to his team or the commissioner. He was open and honest in telling them exactly what happened that night. Rice is lucky enough to have a second chance to play in the NFL again even though many people feel that shouldn’t be the case. With Rice’s appeal out of the way, the NFL is now focusing on another suspended running back in Adrian Peterson.

Disciplining a child varies from parent to parent. There isn’t a right and wrong manual on how one should raise their child. However, the term abuse and discipline are two different actions. Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse on September 12th. Peterson was accused for using excessive force in disciplining his son. Pictures began to make their rounds among the Internet that showed how bad Peterson beat his son.

When the allegations surfaced, the Vikings deactivated the running back for that week’s game. Following that game, the team reinstated Peterson. Then the NFL got involved and Peterson was put on the exempt list meaning he would get paid, but not be able to play. On November 18th, Peterson learned that he would not be playing at all this year. Peterson then decided to appeal the suspension that will take place December 1st. Vikings fans are hoping for the best and are holding on to the possibility of seeing him in uniform this season. If Peterson can win his appeal the same way Rice did, then he will be able to suit up for the first time since Week 1.