Houston 12/10/2014 8:00:00 PM
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Improve Memory and Cognitive Function with DHEA

Twist 25 DHEA cream can help maintain our memory and cognitive function as we age. Our bodies begin to reduce the production of this very important prohormone which is secreted mostly by the adrenal glands, gonads and skin. DHEA is the precursor for most hormones in the body, especially important ones like estrogen and testosterone. It is also extremely important for heart health, immune response, bone strength and soft skin. 

Unfortunately, as DHEA production decreases, many people experience declines in mood, feeling overwhelmed or generally a lack of vitality. In addition, the gradual decrease of DHEA with age, other things like smoking and a high stress life can lower DHEA levels as well.

Though studies of the effects of DHEA on cognition are not complete, it is very clear from the medical research that has been done already that DHEA has many beneficial effects on memory mood and cognition. One of DHEA’s most important functions is that it counters the effects of cortisol. Most of our brain is made up of fat that is highly prone to damage that can be caused by high cortisol levels in the body. This damage leads to inflammation that is now believed to be an underlying cause of many degenerative diseases. DHEA exhibits anti-inflammatory effects that protect against brain cell damage. 

Along with practicing stress management techniques, using Twist 25 DHEA cream can help keep cortisol levels in check and help to protect your brain from the detrimental effects of aging. 

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