Houston, Texas, USA 6/15/2007 10:15:00 PM
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Immigrant Music Artist to Shape the Convergence of Sound, Color and Culture

Fashion, Movies, Media, Games, and Dance - a Time for a Global Funk

Houston, Texas (TransWorldNews) –  Miltonio was born in El Salvador, Central America to an Austrian mother and Guatemalan father and came to the U.S. in the mid 70’s, eventually getting to play with some of the big names in the music industry, all the while, honing his craft and goals to play music to the world.  “I learned very early on as I listened to thousands of songs, watched over 10,000 movies, and the various jingles and sounds in software games, television and radio commercials that music makes the mood,” says Milton DeCoronado (AKA: Miltonio)- a Houston resident.  “I did the LA scene and unfortunately, I never took many pictures with the people I played with, but that was all part of my learning experience and what it takes to capture the sound that everyone responds to. The biggest thing I learned was to play your own style and eventually, the populace will show up to enjoy the music,” says Miltonio.  

Miltonio is now positioning to write music for the fashion world, radio and television programs, movies, software games, and continuing to develop his following via private parties and venues catering to the growing Latin/English global sound he has managed to transcend.  Miltonio recently re-launched his CD “Union” with ITunes and CD Baby and will be reviewing satellite radio and marketing his unique music to movie producers and radio and television program managers in the top 20 cites across America.  Miltonio is very aware that many on-line downloads stem from around the world, and America is seen as a hub for music that shapes the culture.  For more information, please visit:  www.Miltonio.com or

e-mail:  theaudioartist@gmail.com or miltonio@miltonio.com

Contact info:

URL:  www.Miltonio.com
MySpace:   www.MySpace.com/miltoniomusic
Media contact (CDs and media kits available for media review):
Andy Valadez, 713-560-3348