Atlanta 12/15/2014 5:30:36 PM
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Adrian Peterson and the NFLPA are suing the NFL

The NFL season is the time of year where fans become enamored with their team. They dedicate their Sundays to watch their favorite team and favorite players represent their cities. This season has been a roller coaster ride for everyone in the league due to the off field behavioral issues that has marred the season. The shocking news stories that involve the players we call heroes that occurred this season has turned heads of fans and sponsors away from the game.

When fans of the NFL heard the allegations involving Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, and Adrian Peterson it sent shock waves across media outlets. The Ray Rice saga has been resolved as his appeal for the suspension he received was overturned. Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy seem to be out of the lime light as it appears neither one of them will face charges on their domestic assault cases.

This leads us to Adrian Peterson as he was suspended for charges of child abuse. Peterson was accused of child abuse after allegations were brought to the table that he beat his son so hard that it caused injuries to the boy. Many people feel that the Minnesota Vikings running back should be allowed to play do the plea deal that was reached with the court system. For Commissioner Roger Goddell, the punishment has not yet been served after his appeal was denied.

Adrian Peterson and the NFLPA are now suing the NFL over the decision that was made. Many factors in this case can be attributed to why AP is still suspended. He refused to show for a discipline hearing when he was asked, and there is the actual crime itself that impacts the image of the NFL. However, Peterson was led to believe that he would only be receiving a two game suspension.

In a phone call with Troy Vincent, who is the Vice President of the NFL Players Association, Vincent told Peterson he would only get a two game suspension for his actions. The phone call has now been leaked and is the basis behind the lawsuit. After Ray Rice was reinstated there were many people that believed Peterson would be back on the field this season.

Now with the results of the appeal and the upcoming lawsuit, Peterson may never step foot on the field again. In a 60-minute phone conversation with Ben Goessling from ESPN, Peterson told the reporter he may retire from the NFL. Peterson has other aspirations to pursue if he decides to walk away from his first love of football. Making $8 million this season despite barely playing, Peterson may look towards the Real Estate market or chasing dreams of competing in the Olympics. The best running back of this generation has a ton on his plate, and it will be interesting to see what happens with his future.