Fort Worth 2/3/2015 6:27:17 PM
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Anzea Textiles Announce the Health Product Declaration for Bella-Dura® Upholstery Textiles

Anzea Textiles is delighted to announce that we now have the Health Product Declaration (HPD) for all of the Bella-Dura® upholstery textiles!  The Health Product Declaration Collaborative is a customer-led organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness and innovation in the product supply chain.  The Health Product Declaration Collaborative created and supports the Health Product Declaration, an impartial tool for the accurate reporting of product contents and each ingredient’s relationship to the bigger picture of human and ecological health. The HPD objectively defines critical information needed to support accurate supply chain disclosure by manufacturers and suppliers and informed decisions by building designers, specifiers, owners, and users.

Anzea Textiles is pleased to be carrying the Bella-Dura® products and can now prove the product has the leading edge in transparency from all stages of manufacturing.  We are proud to offer this type of product and everything it says to our customers. 

The very nature of the HPD has already begun to improve transparency from manufacturer suppliers to manufacturers to distributers and ultimately to the end user or customer.  Previously, the entities that paid for the research would be privy to that information alone. Now with the HPD the information can be shared at all levels of the process.

Anzea was founded in 1990 by creative director Mitzi Mills and business partner Bruce Doeren.  Since the company’s inception Anzea has focused on contract upholstery textiles offering the marketplace the option of leading edge colors, bold designs and high performance.  These designs are reflective of Mitzi’s graphic design background and her love of photography and travel.

The Anzea contract textile collection is a spirited mix of materials from luxurious natural fibers to recycled polyester yarns.  Woven fabrics that are bleach cleanable and solution dyed along with vinyl upholstery and green faux leathers in nylon matrix and polyurethane form a cohesive high performance product offering.  In addition to providing the contract upholstery market with unparalleled product and service, Anzea curates a refreshing and unique collection of multi-use textiles including drapery, wall- coverings and light duty upholstery fabrics.

Anzea completes the textile offering by adding renowned names from the interior design and fashion industries.  Currently Ruth Adler Schnee, Jhane Barnes and Jennifer Eno collaborate with the creative team to develop beautiful high performance upholstery textiles.  Design, marketing and warehouse facilities are located in the Fort Worth, Texas, arts district.