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AgForest of Georgia preserving numerous amounts of Timber in Wilkes County

Greensboro Georgia based Ag Forest Owner Chris Polk Acquiring Timber Deals

Owner of AgForest of Greensboro, Georgia, Chris Polk is an advocate for making the most out of timber that is in the state of Georgia and surrounding states. Polk who operates out of Greensboro, GA, has been efficiently and effectively harvesting timber since 2001. The extensive portfolio of AgForest of Georgia has allowed Polk to acquire more property to add to the company’s resume.

Wilkes County has become an area that Polk and AgForest of Georgia have grown very familiar with. Three separate acquisitions totaling 324 acres of timber will be harvested in Wilkes County. The services that AgForest have to offer include 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Shelterwood Cut, Real Estate Cut, Clear Cut, Seed Tree Harvest, and Timber Planting. The types of cuts that will be done in Wilkes County will be a 1st thinning on two of the properties and a Shelterwood Cut on the other.

When a 1st thinning is performed there are selected rows throughout the forest that will be removed. Every third, fourth, or fifth row of trees is removed. The main factor that contributes to which rows are removed is determined on the size of the timber on the tract. The trees that are generally removed are genetically weaker that may be forked, crooked, or have signs of disease. Landowners have the room and resources to grow stronger timber in the future after the 1st thinning is completed.

Shelterwood Cuts can be very demanding and time consuming because there is such a small amount of trees per acre that will remain. There will be approximately 30-40 trees that have superior health, quality, and seed production that will be help be responsible for the growth of new trees. The trees that remain naturally drop seeds that eventually lead to new trees becoming established four to eight years after the cut. Once the trees start to develop, then the old trees can be harvested for timber.

AgForest of Georgia is always interested in acquiring new properties for timber harvesting.

Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA looks forward to speaking with you in the near future about possible ways his team can get the most out of your timber.