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SunSource Promises Sustainable Homes With Industry-leading Solar Panel Installation

Kansas City, Missouri (wooeb) February 11, 2015 - Kansas homeowners planning an eco-friendly living seem to have a credible guide. SunSource has guaranteed sustainable homes & reduced energy costs with industry-leading solar panel installation.

A leading name across North American renewable energy sector, SunSource is collaboration by Aaron Carson & renewable energy specialist Keith Graepler. Both Carson and Graepler holds in-depth knowledge on renewable energy and Keith is backed by around a decade of professional experience in renewable energy system design & installation for both residential & commercial projects.

"When it comes to solar panels for your home, we are your one-stop solution. We are the KC leader for premium solar panel installation and hold extensive experience in design-installation of solar energy all across North America. We will design, size & install the rightmost solar panels to ensure reduced energy bills and a sustainable ambience for your home," stated one of founder members of SunSource.

The company assists clients with varied energy-efficient options like solar photovoltaic systems, Wind & water harvesting, Ground Source Heat Pumps and so on. "We are able to manage all aspects of a solar project by ourselves which assures lesser communication times & minimized error risk. With us, you can be guaranteed on a high quality job, on-time & on-budget. Our LEED architects will support you with precise 3D building modeling & all needed blueprints for permit applications. We are backed by seasoned structural engineers for expert inspection and our master electricians assure completely accurate electrical designs."

SunSource holds experience with the standard roof & ground-mount solar panel systems, customized solar awnings & car-port overhead structures. The firm manager also commented on helping clients with customized services as per specified needs and budget as well as integrated project management - involving assistance on monitoring, maintenance & post-completion interview.

About SunSource

SunSource is KC's leader for renewable energy services, solar panel installation and green architecture for both residential and commercial projects. 

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Phone Number: 816 783 3863