Greensboro 2/11/2015 7:41:44 PM
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AgForest of Georgia Owner Chris Polk of Greensboro, Ga to Harvest 398 Acres of Timber throughout Putnam County

Putnam County will soon have far less timber within its county limits thanks in part to AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA. Putnam county located just southeast of metro Atlanta is home to some of the finest timber in the state of Georgia. Chris Polk who is the owner of AgForest has been appointed to harvest the timber in three different areas across Putnam County totaling 398 acres. AgForest has been harvesting timber in Georgia and the surrounding states since 2001.

The land in Putnam County will be going through a variety of different of different cuts according to Chris Polk. One of the cuts that will be performed is a Real Estate Cut, which is done on a pine or hardwood tract. The trees that will remain standing after the cut will be mainly oaks, maples, or hickories. Typically this cut is done to make way for housing and will improve the aesthetics of the land. This cut should be a lucrative job for AgForest as the majority of the timber will be harvested.

Another cut is that will be performed is a 2nd thinning within 27 acres. A 2nd thinning will remove roughly 50-70 trees that will be harvested. A 1st and 2nd thinning is performed to ensure that the landowner is giving the timber that is remaining the best conditions to mature. Another perk to thinnings is to improve habitat areas for wildlife. If an area that is rich with timber does not go through the proper thinnings then the growth of the timber eventually becomes stagnant and the value becomes diminished.

 The techniques that are used by Polk and his team have helped gain them notoriety among other timber harvesting companies and landowners. In order to keep their clients happy by getting the most out of the timber possible, Polk will market the timber in the most efficient and profitable manner. Choosing AgForest to harvest your timber will be done with minimal disturbance to the property and the owners. 

Contact Chris Polk of Greensboro Ga today at 404-956-2922 if you have property that is in need of timber harvesting as they are always looking for additions for their portfolio.