Atlanta 2/13/2015 5:18:30 PM
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AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA provide sound Timber Harvesting with Wildlife Considerations

AgForest of Georgia is owned by Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA and has been one of the more prominent Timber harvesting companies in the state of Georgia since 2002. For over ten years Polk has been providing landowners with the most effective methods of harvesting Timber. AgForest of Georgia has performed various across the state of Georgia in counties such as Jasper, Newton, Wilkes, and Oglethorpe. 

A new area will be added to the portfolio of AgForest of Georgia, as they will be harvesting 27 acres of Timber in Putnam County. With every job that Polk and his team take on they use the most up to date harvesting techniques in a profitable manner. Where AgForest of Georgia truly stands out in terms of their service is the consideration for wildlife in the area.

It is very typical for landowners to ignore the positives that harvesting Timber can have on wildlife. The type of cut that is performed can actually increase wildlife populations by wisely using their forest resources. Timber is a renewable resource unlike oil and gas. Once the cut is completed, the Timber has the opportunity to grow back stronger and healthier.

Landowners have to understand that forests are very dynamic and change over time. So while landowners may have a long term plan for their Timber harvests, it is important to have a back up plan where you can still receive the most profit as possible while also helping with the wildlife population. Chris Polk and his team will help create a Pre-Harvest plan that will take all factors in to account and generate the best plan possible.

Contact Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia at (404) 956-2922 to start the planning of your future Timber harvest. Polk will assist you in making the best decisions for you, the wildlife, and your area. Check out the extensive portfolio of AgForest on their site to see the quality of work that they provide.