Atlanta 2/13/2015 8:15:00 PM
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Chris Polk owner of AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, GA announces Timber Harvest of 98 Acres in Green County

Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA is the owner of one of the prominent Timber harvesting companies in the state of Georgia. AgForest of Georgia has been in business since 2002 and has been receiving credit for their efficient harvesting techniques. Past jobs that Polk has performed has allowed him to see almost everything possible when it comes to Timber harvesting. The techniques that AgForest use on each job ensures that each harvest will generate the most profit for landowners. 

Services that AgForest of Georgia provides for landowners are 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Real Estate Cuts, Shelterwood Cuts, Clear Cuts, Seed Tree Harvest, and Timber Planting. Chris Polk is always looking for new jobs to acquire across the state of Georgia and surrounding states. Polk is happy to announce that he will be harvesting 98 acres of Timber in Greene County, Georgia in the heart of the Oconee National Forest. 

This is one of the largest accomplishments for AgForest of Georgia and Polk. “We are happy to be preserving some of the state’s richest Timber and maintaining the beauty that the Oconee National Forest has to offer to residents of Georgia.”, states Polk. The job will help set up the land with healthier and fuller trees in the future by performing a 1st thinning.

When a 1st thinning cut is performed it is intended to make younger trees grow healthier by giving them more sunlight, water, and nutrients. This is achieved by removing trees that are genetically weaker than the trees that will remain. Polk and his team evaluate which trees meet the criteria for removal. Once the evaluation is done accurately Polk will begin to remove the Timber. Polk hopes to perform a 2nd thinning cut on this land down the road when the time comes for more Timber harvesting.

Contact Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia of Greensboro, GA for your Timber harvest. Polk looks forward to harvesting your Timber and producing the most profit from it as possible. You can view AgForest of Georgia’s extensive online portfolio on their website. Contact Polk at (404) 956-2922 in order to get the most of your Timber.