Atlanta 2/16/2015 5:56:19 PM
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AgForest of Georgia owned by Chris Polk from Greensboro, GA to perform Wildlife Cut on 41 acres in Taliaferro County

Landowners who own property that is heavily covered in Timber will always be in search of a company that is able to preserve the Timber. Chris Polk is the owner of AgForest of Georgia located in Greensboro, Georgia. AgForest of Georgia has been operating since 2002 and has become one of the most recognized Timber harvesting companies in the state of Georgia. Polk provides service across the state of Georgia and the surrounding states.

Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia is proud to announce that they have been chosen to harvest 41 acres of Timber in Taliaferro County, Georgia. Out of the many services that AgForest can provide to landowners the cut that will be performed on this land will be a Wildlife Management Cut. “We are ecstatic about acquiring this job and helping manage the wildlife on this property which is very important to our company.” states Polk.

The consideration of the effects that a cut can have on wildlife is something that is overlooked by most landowners. Landowners can increase the wildlife populations by using their forest resources effectively. One of the most productive uses of the forest resources is to create and maintain wildlife habitats. To ensure that the proper cut will be performed, Polk uses his expertise to create a pre-harvest plan that accounts for the wildlife located on the land.

When creating the pre-harvest plan Polk will assist the landowner in prioritizing the preferred wildlife species for management purposes. The next step is to review what the property has to offer in terms of forest types. Finally, Polk will examine the after effects that the cut could have on the surrounding properties. Once this is all completed a plan will be constructed and Polk along with his team at AgForest of Georgia will go to work and begin harvesting your Timber.

Contact Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia if you are a landowner that is considering harvesting the Timber on the land. Everyone can benefit from an effective Timber harvest. You will receive a profit from the harvest, Wildlife in the area will see benefits, and AgForest will be able to add to their portfolio of accomplishments. AgForest of Georgia can be reached at (404) 956-2922. Make the call and start planning your future harvest today.