Atlanta 2/17/2015 6:48:40 PM
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Shelterwood Cut on 99 acres in Newton County to be performed by Chirs Polk and AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, GA

Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA is the owner of AgForest of Georgia, which has become one of the top Timber harvesting companies in the state of Georgia. In the state of Georgia there is plenty of Timber to be harvested and Polk is always in search of that next land acquisition to add to the portfolio of AgForest of Georgia. The next job on the list for Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia will be to perform a Shelterwood Cut across 99 acres in Newton County, Georgia.

This job will be the third for Polk within Newton County. The experience that AgForest of Georgia has within the county will assist in making the job easier. The past jobs for Polk that have taken place in Newton County were a 1st thinning across 156 acres along with a Seed Tree Harvest on 179 acres. Other services that AgForest of Georgia can provide to landowners are Real Estate Cuts, 2nd thinning Cut, Clear Cut, and Timber Planting. The Shelterwood Cut that will take place in Newton County will be a lengthy process, however Polk and his team are up for the challenge.

“We are looking forward to performing this Shelterwood Cut for the landowner. The landowner should receive a good return on the Timber from the land”, says Polk. When a Shelterwood Cut is performed, there is a lot of examining done to each tree on the land. In order to make a Shelterwood Cut the most profitable for the landowner the healthiest trees must remain on the land. The space that is created by removing the weaker tress will make room for new trees for future harvests.

The way a Shelterwood Cut works is that the healthy trees naturally drop seeds that will provide the foundation for new trees to begin their growth. Roughly four to eight years after this job is completed the newer trees will be established. Once those trees reach a certain point of growth, the trees that were initially left in the Shelterwood Cut can now be harvested to yield more profit for the landowner. In most scenarios, the wildlife in the area will also benefit from a Shelterwood Cut.

If you are a landowner that has been contemplating harvesting Timber on your land then the next call you should make is to Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, GA at (404) 956-2922. The team at AgForest of Georgia would love to hear about what you would like to receive out of your future Timber harvest. Their experience will be sure to yield the best results possible.