Atlanta 2/18/2015 7:40:00 PM
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Real Estate Cut throughout 27 acres in Putnam County to be performed by Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, GA

Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia is the owner and founder of AgForest

When land is purchased for the purpose of building Real Estate properties there needs to be a trusted Timber Manager hired in order to produce the best results. Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia is the owner and founder of AgForest of Georgia. Since 2002, AgForest of Georgia has played in intricate role in the harvesting of the state’s Timber. Over the years the portfolio of AgForest of Georgia has grown exponentially. 

With the services that they can provide to landowners to effectively harvest Timber Polk has been receiving opportunities to expand the portfolio of AgForest of Georgia. Polk is proud to announce that AgForest of Georgia has been hired to perform a Real Estate Cut on 27 acres in Putnam County, Georgia. This type of cut has been performed multiple times by the team at AgForest of Georgia. “Real Estate Cuts are exciting because of the end result. It’s pretty cool to see what transpires after we do our job”, says Polk.

Real Estate cuts can be one of the more difficult jobs to complete due to the amount of trees that are removed during the process. When you think about how many trees are present on each acre of land, that number is likely to be very high. A Real Estate cut will remove the most valuable timber and only 10-20 trees will be left per acre. The remaining 10-20 trees that will be remaining will consist of mainly oaks, maples, or hickory trees.

The cut is typically done to improve the aesthetics of the land to make room for future real estate developments. Trees that remain will provide shade for the future homes that will eventually be constructed. There will be no replanting once a Real Estate cut is completed. Since this is the final harvest most of the Timber on the property will be harvested this cut can be very profitable for landowners.

The other services that AgForest and Polk can provide to landowners are 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Shelterwood Cut, Clear Cut, Seed Tree Harvest, and Timber Planting. If you are a landowner and are looking for a Timber Manager that you can trust then call Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia today at (404) 956-2922.