Abu Dhabi 2/22/2015 8:55:38 PM
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Russia and UAE Expand Joint Military Manufacturing

In the course of examining the exposition of the International Defense Exhibition IDEX-2015, currently under way in Abu Dhabi, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov told media representatives about the joint development with the UAE of a 57-mm artillery system and plans for the development of bilateral cooperation.

The Minister pointed out that Russia and the UAE intend to continue the joint development of combat materiel.

“As for defense cooperation, the matter does not only regard the supplies of our armaments to the UAE, but above all the creation of joint ventures and joint products. In particular, we are now demonstrating a 57-mm artillery mount to be installed on a wheeled 8x8 chassis independently developed by our UAE colleagues,” stated the Head of the Industry and Trade Ministry.

The universal gun mount A-220M was created at CCRI Burevestnik. This high-performance gun is capable of hitting air and ground targets. The antiaircraft gun can be mounted on upgraded and new military machines.

In addition to the already existing projects, cooperation with the UAE in aviation is also vigorously negotiated. “Now we are discussing possible projects in this area and I believe we’ll find a joint solution,” noted Mr. Manturov.

In the words of Manturov, Russia has also “focused on developing multi-faceted cooperation with the nations of Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East,” which further increases the significance of Russia’s participation in IDEX-2015, currently underway in the UAE.   

“The number of Russian exhibitors and exhibits on display at IDEX increases with each passing year. We consider this exhibition a good venue for promoting our products in the markets of third parties interested in our combat materiel,” noted the Head of the Industry and Trade Ministry.