Greensboro 2/23/2015 6:53:26 PM
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Harvesting techniques of AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA ensure efficient Timber Harvests

Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA is the owner and founder of AgForest of Georgia. Polk and his team have been committed to completing efficient and effective harvesting methods for landowners across the state of Georgia since 2002. Each time a Timber harvest is completed it is setting up the land for future harvest that can also help produce monetary value for the landowner. 

With that being said it is important that when choosing a company to harvest your land, you are choosing someone that has the experience and knowledge to produce the best harvest possible.

AgForest of Georgia will only use the most up to date harvesting techniques without causing any disturbances to the land or the property owners. As mentioned earlier, certain harvesting cuts set up the land for future harvests. An example of that would be a 1st thinning cut. This is a technique that Polk has performed throughout numerous acres of land in Georgia.

Typically this type of cut is done in order to improve the strength of the younger trees that are present on the tract. When the process begins every 3rd, 4th, or 5th row of trees are removed for harvesting. While scoping out the land there will also be a few selected trees from other rows that will also be removed due to their genetic characteristics. The decision to remove the trees is based off of the overall size of the timber on the tract.

In order for the trees to meet the criteria for removal they must have a diameter of at least six inches and posses a live crown of 35 or lower. For most trees, this occurs anywhere between 13 and 15 years of age. During a 1st thinning it is vital to remove the trees that more than likely will not live to the point where a final harvest will be conducted. The reason for this is so that landowners can receive the most for the Timber while they can.

When the final steps of the 1st thinning process occur the land will be left with superior tress that will have less competition for the variables that contribute to healthy trees such as water and sunlight. Approximately 5-7 years after the 1st thinning occurs, Polk and his team will then perform a 2nd thinning to harvest the next set of Timber. Contact Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia located in Greensboro, GA if you have land that is in need of harvesting. Polk is always willing to make offers on tracts of land that are 50 acres or more.