Greensboro 2/24/2015 5:50:14 PM
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Shelterwood Cuts from AgForest of Georgia located in Greensboro, GA benefit wildlife and yields profits for landowners

Chris Polk of AgForest located in Greensboro, GA has been harvesting Timber across the state since 2002. With each job that Polk and his team complete they continue to gain experience and enhance their already effective methods. Harvesting Timber can be an extremely lucrative process for the landowners involved. The services that AgForest of Georgia can deliver to you will all depend on the lay of the land along with the plans that the landowner has for the future. If you are a landowner that is in need of Timber harvesting then Chris Polk is the man that you need to contact.

Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia is always prepared to make offers on tracts of land that are at least 50 acres. In the past AgForest and Polk have accepted jobs on tracts that were up to 200 acres. There isn’t a job out there that is too big for Polk to accept. The commitment to customer service that AgForest of Georgia delivers with each job allows landowners to get the most out of their Timber as possible.

The type of services that Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia can provide include 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Shelterwood Cuts, Real Estate Cuts, Clear Cuts, and Seed Tree Harvesting. Each job holds a different level of difficulty due to the amount of trees that will be removed per acre. One of the cuts that can deliver the most for landowners is the Shelterwood Cut. When a Shelterwood Cut is performed there will be roughly 30-40 trees left per acre.

A Shelterwood cut can help build the foundation of the tract that can lead to future harvests. Only the trees of superior quality will remain. These trees typically are also the most vigorous seed producers, which allow for the future growth of trees that can be harvested at a later date. In most cases this cut will produce the most yield for landowners, and also benefit the wildlife in the area. The consideration of wildlife is one of many reasons as to why AgForest of Georgia should be considered to harvest the Timber on your land. 

Most landowners fail to overlook the effects that a harvest will have on the surrounding wildlife. Polk will work with you to create a game plan prior to starting on your Timber harvest. By doing this AgForest of Georgia will create the ultimate plan of action that will benefit all parties involved. Contact Chris Polk today at (404) 956-2922 if you are interested in having you Timber harvested efficiently and effectively.