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MissionIR News - ENGlobal Corp.’s (ENG) Vast Energy Sector Services Exceed Core Capabilities

MissionIR would like to highlight ENGlobal Corp. (NASDAQ: ENG), an engineering services firm that specializes in oil and gas automation solutions, subsea control systems, and engineering and construction projects. Housed within its Subsea Controls and Integration (SCI) group is the company’s patented Universal Master Control Station (UMCS), the result of a collaborative development effort with a major global oil company that recognized an important need in the offshore oil and gas industry.

In the company’s news,

ENGlobal has decades of experience folded into each of its global project delivery solutions. Today, the specialty engineering services firm focuses on automation and select EPCM projects for alternative energy and government entities, in addition to a wide range of services for the upstream, midstream and downstream oil sectors.

The consolidation of resources in the upstream energy sector put pressure on individual companies to expand their capabilities and provide a strong and cost-effective response to oil and gas production needs. Leveraging its deep knowledge of oil and gas production, separation and conveyance, ENGlobal helps these achieve this need by providing full service engineering, procurement and construction capabilities including enhanced oil recovery, gas treating, dehydration, gas compression and distribution, oil processing, and more. Services for clients in the upstream sector include program management, feasibility studies, concept development, innovative plant, layout, definitive estimates, process engineering, control systems, detail engineering and design, procurement, construction management, commission and start-up.

When it comes to midstream services, ENGlobal covers the full gamut of both simple and complex onshore and offshore projects from design through construction. The company’s expertise in the midstream arena ranges from project conceptual feasibility studies through detail design, permitting and construction management. Leveraging a full range of technical and administrative personnel, ENGlobal offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for crude natural gas liquids, refined products pipelines and facilities, as well as natural gas pipelines and facilities. The company has engineered and constructed a wide range of hydrocarbon transportation and distribution systems, including pipelines, flow stations, pump stations, compressor and metering stations around the world.

Engineering for refineries and petrochemical plants starts with the development of the Front End Loading (FEL) package or Front End Engineering Development (FEED) package, which provides the basis for the appropriations cost estimates and feasibility studies. To this accord, ENGlobal has reliably served the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry with conceptual engineering and detailed design of numerous grass roots units and upgrade projects. In addition, ENGlobal has extensive experience with cat crackers, hydrotreaters, amine treating and regeneration units, sulfur recovery units and sour-water stripping units. Whether it involves stress analysis or 3D computer aided design, ENGlobal utilizes the latest available software and systems to perform the required engineering and design, and a staff of control system specialists to engineer the application of distributed control systems, signal transmission, data collection and information processing.

For 30 years, ENGlobal has diligently worked to establish a solid and reputable presence in the world’s energy market. With a massive suite of products and services, ENGlobal caters to a wide and growing base of client seeking highest-level standards for their automation and engineering needs.

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