Grensboro 3/2/2015 11:56:56 PM
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The Thinning Process from AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk can Produce Multiple Incomes for Landowners

Homeowners may be sitting on a future profit and be completely unaware of it. That profit is the Timber that can be found on the land. Timber is one of the most abundant renewable resources on the planet. Timber when harvested properly can return a large yield when the land is managed properly. In order to ensure that this is achieved you will need an experienced professional that knows what to look for throughout a tract of land. That company for Georgia residents is AgForest of Georgia, which is owned by Chris Polk in Greensboro, Georgia.

Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia has been accepting jobs throughout multiple counties in the state of Georgia since 2002. The way that Polk delivers the most yield on Timber is by only using the most efficient and effective ways of harvesting Timber. Polk can provide your land with his services that will lead to future harvests. The way that Polk determines which cut will work best is by talking with landowners to determine the needs and wants of the client.

The thinning process is the most commonly used type of cut. Thinning is a calculated removal of Timber from an already existing stand where predetermined objectives result in the removal of trees. In most cases weaker trees are removed in order to get value out of them before it is too late. The stronger trees that are left standing will help promote the growth and development throughout the life of the Timber. It can also help prevent the infestation of pine beetles or other insects that could end up causing the Timber to die.

If you have an abundance of land that could benefit from the harvesting of the Timber present on the tract then call AgForest of Georgia at (404) 956-2922. Polk and his team are always prepared to make offers on tracts of at least 50 acres or more. You can learn more about Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia by going to their website and viewing their portfolio. You put a lot of money into your land and it is time that it gave something back to you.