Greensboro 3/3/2015 7:13:26 PM
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Landowners can receive reoccurring profits from Shelterwood Cuts provided by AgForest and Chris Polk from Greensboro, GA

AgForest of Greensboro, GA, which is owned and operated by Chris Polk, is quickly becoming one of the better-known Timber harvesters in the state of Georgia. Chris Polk has been using the most efficient techniques to harvest Timber for landowners since 2002. In the past AgForest has performed cuts on land that has been up to 200 acres. Polk is committed to getting clients the most out of their valuable renewable resource that is present on their own land.

By doing business for the past thirteen years, Chris Polk has been able to establish a wide network of dealers across the state of Georgia that allows them to remain competitive in all markets throughout the region and the Southeast. If you have land that can benefit from a one-time harvest then Polk is the person to call. Some people are more interested in the long-term investment that comes along with harvesting Timber.

Depending on the type of land that is present on the tract, Chris Polk can help formulate a plan of action that will help get the most of your Timber in future harvests. In some instances a landowner may no longer have the need for Timber, which will result in the complete removal of the Timber. Other cases may involve a landowner wanting to improve the health of his trees. This is known as the thinning process where weaker trees are removed in order to provide the stronger trees with more sunlight, water, and nutrients to help optimize growth.

One of the services that Polk performs frequently is the Shelterwood Cut. This specific cut is done to lay the foundation for the new growth of Timber on the tract. The trees that are removed in this cut are the weaker ones. The 30-40 trees that will remain per acre must be heavy seed producers. The seeds will eventually turn to a new tract and once growth begins the trees from the first step can now be harvested to increase the profit for the landowner. From there the circle can begin. Landowners can continue to do this process for as long as they choose to do so.

The AgForest of Georgia website has plenty of information for landowners that may be interested in harvesting the Timber on their property. Chris Polk and his team at AgForest are always prepared to make offers on tracts of land that are at least 50 acres. Contact Chris Polk today at (404) 956-2922 to start receiving an income off of your very own land.