Greensboro 3/3/2015 7:22:22 PM
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AgForest and Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA is proud to be a part of well-known outdoor organizations.

AgForest of Georgia owned by Chris Polk from Greensboro, GA has been harvesting some of the best Timber in the state since 2002. The methods that the team at AgForest of Georgia use on a daily basis have helped them gain respect among other harvesting Timber companies and landowners. AgForest of Georgia is proud of the success that they’ve had over the years. However, like most companies AgForest of Georgia is always looking for ways that they can grow.

A contributing factor to the reason for AgForest of Georgia’s success is their use of Best Management Practices, or BMP. A BMP is a practice, or combination of practices that is determined after problem assessment and examination of alternatives. This is done in order to find the most effective method in reducing the amount of pollution that is generated by non-point sources to a level compatible with water quality. AgForest of Georgia is committed to getting their clients the most out of their Timber as possible.

The reputation that AgForest of Georgia has built over the years has also allowed them to become a part of some prestigious organizations. The list of organizations includes Ducks Unlimited, Inc., FFA, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Farm Bureau, Georgia Forestry Association, Georgia Master Timber Harvesters, Tall Timbers, and Quail Unlimited, Inc. Polk states, “Being a part of these organizations is great for AgForest of Georgia. Each of these organizations represents the foundation and principles for why AgForest of Georgia was founded.”

AgForest of Georgia has an extensive portfolio, and when you add their involvement in the mentioned organizations, there isn’t a better company to harvest you timber. Polk will use the most efficient techniques in order to get as much out of your Timber as possible. The list of services that Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia can provide to you can be found on their website.

Contact Chris Polk today at (404) 956-2922 if you have land that requires the harvesting of Timber.