Greensboro 3/4/2015 6:10:48 PM
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Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA can deliver the a large profit for landowners with a Real Estate Cut from AgForest of Georgia

Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA is the owner of one of the better-known timber harvesting companies in the state of Georgia. Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia has been harvesting timber across the state and some of the surrounding states since 2002. They have been delivering their services to landowners in order to deliver them the most for their timber as possible. Chris Polk uses the most up to date harvesting techniques to ensure that the harvest will be as valuable as possible. Not every cut that Polk performs will work on every property. The needs and wants of the landowner will determine which cut will work best for the circumstances.

One of the most profitable cuts for a landowner is a real estate cut. A real estate cut can be done on either a pine or hardwood tract. This cut can only be done when there is no longer a need for the timber on the property. A real estate cut will only leave roughly 10-20 pines, oaks, hickories, or maple trees per acre. Unlike most cuts, the real estate cut will remove the most valuable timber since it is typically the final harvest on a tract.

A real estate cut can do many things such as making room for future housing. Most importantly a real estate cut from AgForest of Georgia will improve the aesthetics of the land and can also help benefit the wildlife in the area. AgForest of Georgia has a variety of services that they can offer to landowners. Chris Polk would love to perform a thinning, shelterwood cut, clear-cut, or a seed tree harvest to your tract of land.

The most important thing that a landowner can do when it comes to harvesting timber is to contact a professional that will keep your best interests in mind. That person for Georgia landowners is Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA. The work that he has accomplished over the years has allowed him to become a member of some prestigious outdoor organizations. For more information on AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk visit the website and be sure to check out their project photos. Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia can be contacted at (404) 956-2922. Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia are always prepared to make offers on tracts of land that are at least 50 acres.