Greensboro 3/6/2015 4:58:27 PM
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The Thinning Process from AgForest owned by Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA will generate income for landowners in 5-7 years

Greensboro, Georgia is home of one of the most efficient Timber harvesters in the state. AgForest of Georgia owner Chris Polk has been harvesting Timber across Georgia and the surrounding states by completing his services with the most up to date methods. Landowners have been benefiting off of the services provided by AgForest of Greensboro, Georgia since 2002. The recognition that they have gained over the years has allowed them to remain competitive throughout Georgia and the surrounding states.

Harvesting while it can generate a profit is still an investment that landowners have to make in order to get the most out of their land.  provide. One of the services offered by Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia can take up to seven years in order to get the full effect. That process is known as thinning. When a landowner chooses the thinning process it is actually done in two separate steps that takes roughly seven years to complete. 

In a 1st thinning selected rows will be chosen for their removal. Which rows will be removed is based off of the characteristics of the trees. Trees must have a diameter of at least six inches and posses a live crown of 35 or lower. Typically the trees that are removed are genetically weaker than the others. In most cases the weaker trees will end up dying before the final harvest so they are removed in order to get the value out of them while possible.

Once the 1st thinning is completed, roughly five to seven years later then the 2nd thinning can occur. The area will then be cut down again to leave roughly 50-70 trees remaining on the tract. The remaining trees will eventually grow into large saw timber or pine poles. The thinning process is done as a whole in order to give the timber the best conditions possible so that they can mature into full-grown trees that will generate a hefty income for landowners.

Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia can be contacted at (404) 956-2922. Speaking to him will give you the opportunity to voice your concerns about your property. Polk will be able to formulate a plan that will work best for your tract of land. Working alongside with a professional such as Polk is the best way to harvest the timber on your land while generating the best possible yield off of your land.