Greensboro 3/9/2015 2:35:24 PM
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Planting Timber can lead to future harvests with the services of AgForest and Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia

AgForest of Georgia can provide the services that landowners can use to return a profit on their own land. Tracts of land home one of the most valuable renewable resources on the planet. Very rarely can a landowner cash in on something that is already present on their land. Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia is the owner of the company that has been harvesting Timber across the state of Georgia and the surrounding states. AgForest of Georgia has gained a reputation by using the most efficient methods since 2002.

Chris Polk has been clearing tracts of land for years, and his craft has continued to improve with each job that his company takes on. The experience that Chris Polk has gained over the years allows him to give more insight to landowners on what will be the best method of harvesting for the specific land. Each tract of land has different characteristics that could potentially affect which service will be best. The time it takes for landowners to see a profit varies on the service and what their ultimate goal for the land is.

Services that AgForest of Georgia and Chris Polk can provide include the thinning cut, Shelterwood Cut, Clear Cut, Real Estate Cut, Seed Tree Harvest, and Timber Planting. Even if you do not have a sufficient amount of Timber to harvest the team at AgForest of Georgia can assist you in the planting of Timber, which can then be harvested at a later time once the tract is grown and healthy enough for a harvest. When using this type of service it is important to remember that this will be an investment that down the road could provide you with a substantial return.

The initial cost it will take to plant the tract will be recovered after your first harvest in most cases. Once the tract of land is ready for a harvest then you can choose another service offered by AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, Georgia. Chris Polk will use a pre-harvest plan on each job before the work begins to ensure that the right service is chosen. Harvesting Timber is something that must be managed at all times in order to be profitable for landowners. Chris Polk is always prepared to make offers on land of up to 50 acres. For more information on AgForest of Georgia and their services then visit them at their website. You will have the opportunity to look at the portfolio that they have been establishing for nearly 13 years. Contact Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia at (404) 956-2922 to speak with the professional that could turn your land into cash in your pocket.