Greensboro 3/9/2015 5:50:32 PM
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Chris Polk of Greensboro, Ga, Owner of AgForest of Georgia Provide Logging Services to Landowners in Georgia

Timber is an extremely valuable resource that is one of the few on this planet that is renewable. Logging is a lucrative service that can be provided to landowners that have an abundance of Timber on their property. AgForest of Georgia owned and operated by Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia is one of the premier Timber harvesting companies in the state. They have gained plenty of experience in the industry since their inception in 2002. Once you choose AgForest and Chris Polk you feel at ease knowing they are committed to getting clients the most out of their timber as possible.

Chris Polk ensures AgForest of Georgia uses the most efficient and effective methods when it comes to harvesting Timber. Combining their experience along with their services means that you will be receiving a profit from your own land, which very few people are capable of doing. Due to their prior work and involvement with the outdoors Polk and AgForest have become members of groups such as: Ducks Unlimited, Inc., FFA, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Farm Bureau and many others. If you have a large amount of land that could benefit from a Timber harvest then there is no other person you should call then Chris Polk of Greensboro, GA.

Out of all the services that AgForest of Georgia can provide to their clients the one that will provide the most yield from a harvest over time is the Seed Tree Harvest. A Seed Tree Harvest is a process where Timber is regenerated by leaving existing Timber on the tract that will produce seeds to eventually grow new Timber. The removal of trees provides the existing tracts with more nutrients and sunlight needed to grow stronger and more profitable Timber.

Your property gives you shelter, but it can also give you a lot more when the circumstances are right. Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia can help generate a new source of income for you and your family off of your very own land. If you have a tract of land that is at least 50 acres Polk would be happy to make you an offer on the land. You can view the extensive portfolio that Polk has built over the years by going to their website. 

Start making money of off the property that you already own by contacting Chris Polk of AgForest of Georgia at (404)956-2922.