Greensboro 3/10/2015 5:02:19 PM
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Chris Polk of Greensboro Georgia, Owner of AgForest of Georgia, Can Help Increase Wildlife on Property

When people think of harvesting timber that is on their property the first thing that they think about is the dollar signs that they could eventually receive. However, when you are working with a proper timber management group there is another important benefit that a landowner can obtain by having their timber harvested. By properly managing a timber tract, wildlife on the property can also increase by applying sound forest management techniques.

AgForest of Georgia, owner Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia, has been efficiently harvesting timber since 2002. The techniques that Polk applies to tracts of land within the property can produce a source of income for landowners while also considering wildlife. Forests change over time especially when they are altered by a timber service. One aspect that can change significantly is wildlife habitats. Usually wildlife is an afterthought with timber management due to the revenues that landowners will receive.

One way to ensure that you can maintain wildlife is to create a pre-harvest plan that will take in all considerations to the land. Working with Chris Polk will give you the opportunity to find the way where all parties will be able to benefit off of the upcoming services to your land. Polk has completed multiple jobs in the past that have made landowners extremely happy with the results. Polk will evaluate the land and determine what service will be in the best interest of the land.
The services that AgForest and Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia can provide to landowners include Thinnings, Shelterwood Cuts, Real Estate Cuts, Clear Cuts, Seed Tree Harvests, and Timber Planting. Each service that Chris Polk can provide to landowners will vary in the amount of time it will take to complete. The first step you need to make in order to start harvesting your timber is to speak with Chris Polk firsthand. 

Chris Polk can be reached at (404) 956-2922 or on the contact page of his website.