Greensboro 3/16/2015 2:28:50 PM
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Chris Polk Employee and Owner of AgForest of Georgia from Greensboro, Georgia Announces the Acquisition of 162 acres of Land in Oglethorpe County

Chris Polk from Greensboro, Georgia is the owner and an employee of AgForest of Georgia. Chris Polk is pleased to announce the acquisition of a tract of land that is 162 acres located in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Polk and his team will now establish a pre-harvest plan along side with the owners of the tract of land to establish the best way to harvest the Timber on the property.

Chris Polk owner and employee of AgForest and his team have become widely recognized across the state for their exceptional customer service and their effective harvesting methods. In order for landowners to get the most out of their harvest, Polk will only use the most up to date methods to achieve that. The services that the landowner has hired Chris Polk to perform have not yet been decided. A tract of land of that magnitude will take some time to evaluate.

AgForest of Georgia owner and employee, Chris Polk can provide your tract of land with services that include 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Shelterwood Cut, Real Estate Cut, Clear Cut or they can even assist you in the planting of a new timber tract. Polk and his team have been performing these services for landowners since 2002. AgForest of Georgia is able to effectively harvest Timber and remain competitive in all markets throughout the region and the Southeast.

If you are a landowner that is unaware of the benefits that you and you’re family can receive by having the Timber on your land harvested then contact Chris Polk owner and employee of AgForest. They can offer you a wide variety of services that are sure to generate an extra source of income to help pay the mortgage and other bills. Visiting the website of AgForest of Georgia will allow you to gain more information on the harvesting process. Call Chris Polk today at (404) 956-2922 to hear first hand what they can offer you.