Greensboro 3/17/2015 1:39:03 PM
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Owner and Employee of AgForest of Georgia Chris Polk Provides Excellent Timber Services in Georgia

The harvesting of Timber is a process that most landowners are unaware of the benefits that could be available to them. If you are a landowner and would like to generate an extra source of income then AgForest of Georgia is the company that you need to contact. Chris Polk is the owner and an employee of AgForest of Georgia, which is located in Greensboro, Georgia. Polk has been providing services along with exceptional customer service to landowners since 2002.

Chris Polk, owner and employee of AgForest of Georgia is committed to helping their clients get the most out of their Timber by using all available resources to market the Timber in the most efficient and profitable manner. AgForest of Georgia is able to effectively harvest Timber and remain competitive in all of the markets throughout the region and the Southeast. Once you contact Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia he will be able to evaluate your land and establish a pre-harvest plan.

In this plan, Polk will provide you with a breakdown of the land and then help you decide what service he and his team will perform. AgForest of Georgia only uses the most up to date harvesting techniques and are committed to harvesting the Timber with minimal disturbances to the property and the property owners. Each tract of land possesses different characteristics that could possibly affect what cut will be best for the land.

The services that Chris Polk can provide to future landowners are 1st thinning, 2nd thinning, Shelterwood Cut, Real Estate Cut, Clear Cut, Seed Tree Harvest and Timber Planting. Contact Chris Polk to obtain more information on how his services can benefit you, your family, and the land that you own. Timber is one of the most valuable renewable resources on the planet, and it can be very valuable to the people that have Timber on their land.