Greensboro 3/18/2015 1:55:00 PM
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Greensboro, Georgia's Chris Polk Owner and Employee of AgForest of Georgia Offers Shelterwood Cuts to Georgia Residents

AgForest of Georgia was established in 2002 and it has quickly become well recognized among other Timber harvesting companies and landowners. They have become a major force in the Timber harvesting industry throughout the state of Georgia for using the most up to date harvesting techniques that allow landowners to get the most out of their Timber. Chris Polk, owner and employee from Greensboro, Georgia is committed to helping the clients of AgForest of Georgia get the most out of their Timber.

Choosing to have the Timber on your land harvested means that you will be improving the land and the wildlife in the area while also putting some extra money in your pocket. Timber can be one of the most valuable renewable resources in the world when it is harvested properly. When you hire AgForest of Georgia the Timber will be harvested efficiently with minimal disturbance to the property and the property owners.

One of the services that Chris Polk, owner and employee of AgForest of Georgia can provide to landowners is the Shelterwood Cut. A Shelterwood Cut can return a high yield for laandowners because of the extensive amount of cutting that is involved with that specific service. With a Shelterwood Cut, Timber is removed until there is roughly 30-40 trees per acre remaining. The Timber that is left standing must possess great health and also be vigorous seed producers. These trees will eventually produce new growth on the tract by naturally dropping seeds.

Once the new trees reach their optimal growth level then they can be harvested at a later date. There are other services that Chris Polk and AgForest of Georgia can provide to landowners which can be seen on their website. Also on the website, you will be able to take a more in depth look at the work that AgForest can provide to you by viewing their extensive portfolio. If you have Timber that you feel can be harvested then call Chris Polk today at (404) 956-2922.