Greensboro 3/19/2015 5:15:00 PM
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Greensboro, Georgia's Chris Polk , Owner and Employee of AgForest of Georgia Offers Seed Tree Harvest

Landowners can generate a source of income off of their own land by having the Timber on the property harvested. For landowners in the state of Georgia the company that needs to be hired in order for them to receive best results is AgForest of Georgia. Chris Polk of Greensboro, Georgia owns AgForest. Polk has been mastering his craft by using the most up to date techniques to ensure that he delivers on his commitment to excellent customer service.

AgForest of Georgia has many services that they can offer to landowners. Once Chris Polk is hired to perform a job, the first thing that he will do is have a consultation with the landowner to determine what service will be the best fit for the land. During this process, you will have the chance to explain to Polk what desires and plans you have in store for your land. After the property is evaluated, the real work will begin.

One service that Chris Polk, owner and employee of AgForest of Georgia have grown accustomed to performing is a Seed Tree Harvest. This particular service is performed in order to regenerate the Timber on the tract. In order to achieve this there will only be roughly 5-10 trees left per acre. The trees that are left must be of superior quality and be vigorous seed producers. A Seed Tree Harvest is a process that landowners must be patient with. Once the new stand becomes established on the tract, then the old trees can be harvested for a profit. When the process is complete landowners will be left with a healthy, even-aged stand of Timber.

Contact Chris Polk at (404) 956-2922 to obtain more information on how his services can benefit you, your family, and the land that you own. Timber is one of the most valuable renewable resources on the planet, and it can be very valuable to the people that have Timber on their land. Chris Polk is always prepared to make offers on tracts of land that are at least 50 acres. If you are a landowner that has thought about harvesting the Timber on your land then don’t hesitate any longer.