Atlanta 3/19/2015 7:11:22 PM
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Upsets, Buzzer Beaters, Dunks, Alley Oops...March Madness is here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That is if you’re looking for the most exciting sports time of the year. March is the month were trees start to gain their leaves, the weather starts to warm up, and Madness ensues on basketball courts across the nation. 64 teams will take the court in the next two days. One by one they will begin to drop until there is only one team that remains. Who is that team going to be? There will be millions of brackets filled out by college basketball enthusiasts, and it is estimated that $9 Billion in bets will be placed throughout the tournament.

The majority of the picks and the money that will be placed on the tournament are going to go in favor of the Kentucky Wildcats. The hype that surrounds the tournament isn’t who will win, but rather if Kentucky will lose. John Calipari, head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, managed to compile a 34-0 record throughout the season and the SEC Tournament. Few teams can compete with Kentucky because of their size, depth, and talent. Kentucky will take the floor tonight against Hampton who won their play-in game a few nights ago. Hampton is faced with a steep challenge as the 16th seed has never won a game in tournament history, and Kentucky is favored by 35 points.

The storylines will grow. The upsets will shock everyone. It took two games on Thursday for an upset to take place. The first game to send shockwaves to basketball fans was when the Iowa State Cyclones (3 Seed) lost to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers (14 seed). It was very reminiscent of when Mercer upset Duke last year in the first round. Another 3 seed was almost upset when Northeastern gave Notre Dame everything that they could handle in the days first game.

With that being said the Madness has begun. It is going to be an exciting couple weeks as March Madness will be the topic of conversation for the foreseeable future. Make sure that you stay locked into all of the action, and see how your bracket stacks up against the rest. You don’t want to be that one person that misses the upset of the year. There will be plenty of March Madness coverage to come as the tourney continues on.